Sunday 25 March 2012

Random Recipes: Lucky Number 17

When Dom over at Belleau Kitchen announced that this month's theme was Lucky Number 17 (the 17th cookbook on the shelf) I immediately thought that there was no way I had 17 cookbooks...turns out I have 22.  Scanning and counting the two piles of books I discovered that number 17 was the Williams Sonoma Bride & Groom Cookbook.  This cookbook claims to cover everything a young couple needs to know about setting up a kitchen and embarking on a life cooking is sweet and was given to us as an Engagement gift by a friend in Canada....and is totally fitting for this month since it is our anniversary month! 
Anyway, the recipe was for Gougeres, or as I like to call them...cheese puffs (not to be confused with cheesies or whotsits).  Two immediate worries about the recipe...I had never made choux pastry before and I didn't really have an appropriate occasion to make them for.  Worry number 2 was solved when David invited some pals over for dinner...worry number 1 never really went away.  

In some bazaar twist the hosts at the supper club I visited last week served them as canapes...and as I was stuffing them in my mouth I thought there is no way I can do this.  Gougeres are such a lovely treat, and once you know what you are actually doing they are a really easy nibble to make (and even easier to eat). 
Batch 1 was a disaster...well not entirely...but it wasn't salvageable....I blame Willams Sonoma.  The recipe wasn't written very well.  I made the roux bit no problems...then it said remove from heat and add eggs one at a in with the first egg and SCRAMBLE! Blooming recipe should have said let cool slightly.  Thankfully all that was wasted was an egg and some flour and butter...luckily I had more butter and eggs and hadn't ruined the cheese! 
Batch 2 mixed up nicely (after slightly cooling) but I had to divide the batter between two trays and then didn't know if it the second tray would be ok to in they both went and when they came out the ones on the bottom tray didn't really puff up properly.  But they tasted great so...who cares! 
A true challenge Dom! 


  1. They look incredible!!! I love them. Your very own home-made cheese puffs. Genius! Hate it when a recipe doesn't tell it like it is, that is very annoying! Thanks so much for taking part. I love that you now know how many books you have. Something good this must be!

  2. Oh they look amazing!!!! I love all things like this. Beignets are similar aren't they? Cheesy choux puffs. What a classy thing to serve to guests!

  3. I'll bet a glass of chardonnay would be perfect with these delicious cheese bites!

  4. How Delicious looking, Vic! Charles loves cheese puffs~I may have to get this not so perfectly written recipe from you :)

  5. Thanks for the reminder - I've still to do mine!!! (Random recipe, that is, not Gougeres!). It's picked out, and has been since the start of the month, but it's a horrible one, and I've been putting it off...
    These look delicious - great job managing to make something fantastic from a less than helpful recipe!