Saturday 17 March 2012

My Scandinavian Love Affair...takes hold in the kitchen

For the past few months I have become increasingly obsessed with everything "Scandi" shows, cooking, interior design...and I have finally turned my infatuation into something in the kitchen.  I'll admit it took me watching the Hairy Bikers baking in Norway to finally roll up my sleeves and get stuck in...but boy am I glad I did!

This Scandinavian Rye Bread has filled a big fjord (see what i did there...not sure if it actually works) in my bread baking repertoire...rye bread.  I've been adding the odd dash of rye into loaves and cakes over the last few months but this was the first predominantly rye loaf I've made.  The proportion of rye to white flour is pretty much 50/50 making the loaf rise pretty easily and keeping it light and soft.  It was super easy to make and tastes amazing, especially slathered with goats cheese, topped with sliced cucumber and sprinkled with pepper and salt.  

I've got gravlax and flatbreads on my to do list next...


  1. This looks fabulous, I have some rye flour but have been nervous of using it, seeing your fabulous loaf has encouraged me to try. Thank you :-)

  2. This looks great, and your post made me realize that I've always associated rye bread with caraway seeds, and never really thought about the flour itself. Now I'm curious to taste it. You're becoming quite a talented baker, this loaf looks perfect!

  3. isn't it satisfying baking your own bread and when it comes out looking so damn professional like this... its just perfection!... bet the house smelt amazing too... I've just pulled two sourdoughs out of the oven and they are the most peculiar shape... but they smell good too!

  4. Your bread looks delish! So well risen and I bet there was a nice crisp skin on it :)

  5. I love a good rye bread! It looks absolutely delicious and I'll bet it would make for a yummy ruben sandwich!

  6. The bread looks gorgeous! Nice golden brown crust..just yummy!