Friday 30 March 2012

Easy Stuffed Mushrooms

I planned to make stuffed mushrooms this week...and when it came around on the meal planner...I couldn't find my flipping recipe.  I think it might have been in a recent Waitrose Weekend, or maybe in a delicious magazine...I don't know. 

I had a whole bunch of ingredients...cherry tomatoes, spring onions, breadcrumbs, chilli, ricotta, parsley, cooked chopped spinach and of course some gigantic mushrooms.  I roughly guessed what might fit into two large mushrooms...mixed it all together...crammed it into the mushroom and then wrapped it with a piece of bacon and baked until the bacon was crispy(ish).  

I still can't find the recipe.  


  1. Still sounds lovely though!


  2. I hate when that happens! You pulled it off, though. I like the ricotta in the stuffing...did you hollow out the mushroom caps, or just pile the stuffing on top?

  3. looks like the recipe found you ;)