Saturday, 21 April 2012

Avocado Salad

On Tuesday I made Nigella's Mexican Lasagne (layers of flour tortillas, beans and corn, cheese and a spicy tomato sauce).  It was didn't look as lovely as the picture in the book...but it went down a treat.  
Nigella's recipe suggests serving the lasagne with an avocado salad, and I couldn't have been happier to oblige.  Avocado is something I just can't get enough of...but am often put off buying a) because of the cost and b) because they are rarely ready when I want to use them or go from hard as a rock to overripe in a matter of minutes (well overnight but you know...) 

Before I set out to start the lasagne I gently prodded the three avocados sitting in my fruit bowl.  One was very soft, one was softish and one was hard...if they had all been hard I would have had to scrap the lasagne and juggle around the meal planner.  Thankfully two were good enough so on I ploughed.  

Lasagne done and resting I sliced up the two avocados (after a messy wrestling event trying to peel them) tossed them in some oil and lime juice, salt and pepper and then covered with loads of chopped coriander and some red chilli.  

In all honestly, I could have happily eaten the whole salad with a hunk of bread and thrown aside the lasagne...that's how much I love this salad.  

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