Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Study break Jam

I am meant to be studying for a maths exam...you know taking advantage of having time off to really get a head start on revising for the big make or break exam...and I swear I have been doing just that...but after 3 days in hoodies and sweatpants doing nothing but drinking coffee and studying I just need a break.  

I bought some rhubarb when I was at Earthy on Saturday but haven't had a chance to even think about using it.  This morning I thought I would stew it with some apples for tonight's dinner...and then I spied half a package of frozen mixed berries in my freezer...perfect...jam.

After a suitable amount of time studying, and swearing and yanking my hair out...I dumped the frozen berries into a largish saucepan, added 4 stalks of rhubarb cut into 2cm pieces and enough water to juuuuust skim the top of the fruit.  The heat went on and I got back to the books.  After a few minutes of bubbling away I added about 1/2 cup of sugar stirred it all and then let it simmer away until thick.  

I don't bother with the frozen saucer and back of the spoon trick...if it parts like the red sea in the pot that's good enough for me..besides I like my jam on the softer side.  I ended up with a decent sized jar and a smaller jar and a little ramekin filled with jam...procrastination doesn't get much better than this. 


  1. looks fabulous - I only wish I could give you half of my rhubarb patch, which is triffid-like. I thought digging some of it out for her over at Please Do Not Feed the Animals' garden would tame it for a while, but it seems to have just invigorated it. Thanks for another idea of what to do with it all : )

  2. Sounds Marvelous and extremely pleasing xxxx

  3. I was wondering what you were going to do with that rhubarb! Sounds luscious and easy enough for me to do since I've never attempted jam of any kind before.

  4. clever girl...what a great way to use up those long forgotten frozen fruits !!!....bet that jam will be quite yummy on some fresh scones....