Friday, 13 April 2012

A Quiche

There is something satisfying about a quiche.  It looks delicate but can actually be a very substantial meal...oh and of course it is encased in pastry.  I love pastry.  

At the Edinburgh Cake Ladies event last month I tasted one of the best savoury tarts...ever.  Bacon, brie, tomatoes and rocket.  It was incredible, I could have easily devoured the entire thing.  I was polite, and minded my manners, and shared, and vowed to use the flavours in my own quiche...sometime.  

"Sometime" finally came yesterday.  My quiche does not do its inspiration justice.  Don't get me wrong, mine was so yummy (to the point where I gobbled a tester piece before taking a picture) but the original was to.die.for.  

I decided to try Dan Lepard's Mustard Pastry from S&S for the crust.  It was ok.  It was flakey and baked nicely, but it wasn't mustardy.  I halved the recipe perhaps it was an oversight on my part.  The filling was sauteed red onion and bacon with halved cherry tomatoes and huge chunks of brie topped with a 3 egg and cream mixture. 

Very tasty and very substantial.  

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