Friday, 27 April 2012

A Posh Impromptu Cake Meet

Thursday nights I take a math(s) class at a local college.  It is dreary and takes every ounce of motivation to get on the bus after work and schlep myself to the other end of the city.  On my journey last week I twigged that my bus goes right by a well known patisserie and a plan was hatched...stop off...get pastry...get back on bus...enjoy math(s).  

It didn't happen.  When I got there yesterday was closed. So that put a damper to my evening and math(s) wasn't much better...trigonometric functions...huh???

The cake gods must have felt horrible about letting me down yesterday because today I received a text to join two cake ladies for an impromptu cake meet at a very posh location.  They were going for lunch but hoped that I would be able to make it across town after work to devour some totally divine puddings. 

Would I? Silly question.  I think I banked in all of my cakey good-deed karma today, because I left work without a hitch, got the bus and zoomed through town to Restaurant Mark Greenaway.  I've been waiting to dine here for a while (plans in the pipeline for my birthday in June) after hearing rave reviews from fellow cake ladies and the Edinburgh foodie scene. 

Well...I almost died.

3 words...peanut caramel cheesecake...need I say more?


  1. looks lovely - and a bit like an aeroplane xx

  2. How delightful. I wish I knew a few cake ladies, I'd love to eat puddings.

  3. ...and don't you find that those "impromptu" occasions always turn out to be "the best"????