Friday, 6 April 2012

Homemade Pita

I've set time aside over the Easter holidays to try two new bread recipes...I've even planned meals around them.  That might seem like added pressure, but seeing as the two recipes come from Dan Lepard's Short & Sweet there really is no need to worry (or to have packs of shop bought "just in case").  

I tackled the first new recipe yesterday. I say tackled...but it was pretty simple.  The recipe? Pita Breads. I am a huge fan of fresh pitas used to gobble up hummus and baba ganoush, and yes sometimes I buy them from the supermarket to fill with lovely salads and falafel.  The problem is...the supermarket ones are almost impossible to make into a "pocket" without tearing them...causing hummus and salad to spill out after one bite.  Oh! And they rarely taste fresh. Homemade on the other hand...pillowy, soft, substantial...fresh!

The recipe is very easy, the dough mixes up well and becomes stretchy and soft before you know it.  I started the dough, sat down and watched some tv for half an hour, got up and divided the dough up...washed the dishes and then it was time to roll and bake...sure it takes longer than ripping open a package but that first bite of fresh doughy pita...well that's worth the oh....75 mins it took from beginning to end.  

Last night I filled mine with falafels, hummus and salad...I greedily packed up two pitas to bursting point...and was almost defeated! It took me a good 45 mins of stopping and starting to get through the second one! If you know me that is a rare rare thing! 


  1. mmmmmmm....i'm salivating already....did you make some of those yummy baked falafels to stuff into your fresh pitas???? and....did you have to share??


  2. I cannot wait to try these, grocery store pita bread drives me crazy!

  3. Homemade pitta are fabulous aren't they! So different to the stiff, dry supermarket offerings!

  4. Oooh, pitta is one of the things on my "To Make" list...If you pop on over to my blog, there's a little something there for you...Sara xx