Friday, 6 April 2012

taking afternoon tea at anTEAques

At the beginning of my two week holiday I thought to myself...this is going to be so boring...I've got nothing to do except study for my maths exam...boring...boring...boring...

That was until...I met two fellow Edinburgh Cake Ladies for an impromptu afternoon tea at the cutest tea shop/antique shop in Edinburgh: Anteaques. I've heard about this totally unique tea shop so many times since I met the Cake Ladies and have been meaning to make a trip to the south side of town, but the very limited opening hours...and my lazy weekend routine...has made it difficult, until today! 

Nestled amongst vintage fur coats and antique silver and tea sets (and an odd looking military belt) we spent a couple of hours chatting about this and that and thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere, tea and scones. 

This is the place to come if you are wild about tea.  Canister after canister of looseleaf tea adorn the shelves at the front of the shop.  We were spoilt for choice, and quite frankly unsure of what to start with.  Luckily one amongst us was a seasoned Anteaquer.  She suggested we each choose a tea and we have one pot at a time.  Choices made, with some assistance, we were set. 

A gorgeous glass tea pot was placed on the table, filled with Pink Lady Apple tea (a mixture of apples with some hibiscus to make it pink) along side our scones.  

Scones devoured we chatted on and on over our second pot of tea: Lemongrass Marigold. 

Of course we couldn't fly the Cake Ladies flag if we didn't indulge in a second scone.  More scones with a pot of vibrant pink hibiscus tea rounded off an excellent afternoon.  


  1. what an amazing looking place! I must make an excuse to get to Edinburgh soon - thanks for the hint about limited opening hours though : )

  2. You and those cake ladies lead quite a charmed life...happy holiday!

  3. Sounds lovely! But where is it again? I remember passing it somewhere!

    1. is on south clerk street, itty bitty storefront!

  4. Afternoon tea and scones can certainly banish any possible hints of boredom!!! Lucky you....

    Can't wait to return to Edinburgh and share a pot of tea with you....